Code Blue Livestock Hair Product - 1 Gallon
Code Blue Livestock Hair Product - 1 Gallon

Code Blue Livestock Hair Product - 1 Gallon

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Our concentrated blend of 100% natural oils specifically chosen to promote hair growth and healthy skin on cattle.

It is the most amazing livestock hair product that we have ever sold, for all species of livestock. We have used this product and continue to use it daily on all our sale calves and show cattle. We have been in the livestock industry for over 30 years and would not back a product we didn't believe in and we believe in this. It is currently being used in some of the biggest name barns in the country.
The combination of nourishing oils and activating essential oils make up a formula that has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as a unique synergy that promotes unmatched hair growth.
Code Blue is the only product you need in your daily hair care program.


  1. Shake well and spray on animal
  2. Comb or brush in and allow to dry under fans or air dry
  3. Recommended to apply daily on dry/damp hair
  4. Requires no rinsing
  5. Needs to be reapplied after each rinse


Code Blue Products - Made in the USA

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